Earn money when others sign up to save money on purchases, or earn money on referrals.



All those who sign up with Kannaway, can save money when they purchase CBD and other healthy hemp products online. They offer the widest selection and the highest quality products. When placing a monthly recurring order, you get to pay the wholesale price, saving you huge percentages.


Don’t fall into temptation and let 2020 become the year of the sofa. Instead, make sure you take care of your precious body and health. Kannaway has a wide selection of products to help you on your journey.


All those who want, can choose to become a brand ambassador, thus being able to refer Kannaway to their friends and connections. Each time someone in your downline makes a purchase, you earn money. If someone in your downline signs up as a brand ambassador as well, you both make money when someone in their downline makes a purchase.


Visit the Kannaway site, read the articles, watch the videos and see for yourself that they are the biggest, most tested and proven provider of CBD and other hemp products in the marketplace.

Do you want help getting started? Get in touch.

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