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At Best Wealth Arrangements, we present opportunities for making, storing and growing your wealth. We believe that everyone can grow their income and thus generate wealth. We also believe that great opportunities manifest themselves in times of great change, like the ones we are living through right now.

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When you manage to separate your income streams from the number of staff you employ, then you have obtained a certain degree of freedom.

When you manage to store your wealth safe from theft of all sorts, then you have obtained a certain degree of safety.

When you manage to invest in things not dependant of the Worlds failing fiat currencies, then you have evaded inflation and certain loss.

With these things in place, your income and wealth can continue grow and provide you with the life you want and deserve.

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The opportunities that we present, are solely ones that we use on a daily basis ourselves. Yes, we are among those who actually practice what we preach. Please discover the opportunities in the top menu.

Prime Crypto Fund

How about using your VISA-card to invest directly into a crypto fund?
Just a few simple clicks and you’re invested in a portfolio of some of the biggest and most promising cryptocurrencies, like Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Chainlink, Ethereum, Monero, Stellar and more.

Prime Crypto Fund gives you all that. You can both deposit from and withdraw to your bank account (in addition to crypto wallets, of course).

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Best Wealth Arrangements came into existence to aid those who seek but still haven’t found.

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